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Web-Based dental software by QStoma for dental clinics and laboratories

QStoma — is a specialized Web-based software for dentists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, exodontists, implantologists and dental mechanics — convenient profile accounting system.

QStoma will help to save time (you will be able to describe the manipulation even didn’t take off your gloves), of dentists and dental mechanics at the same time it is provide an individual approach to the patient or to the dentist in the case of dental laboratories.

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About web-based dental software

QStoma works over the Internet, it means that you do not need to install and configure any additional software — just a browser and the Internet. You can work without patient cards or special clothes for dental laboratories and other documents; you can do it anywhere, at anytime. Also, your data is better protected because of the special high-tech data center running our dental software. All work with documents is doing through the protected Protocol, which is de-facto global security standard. We take care of backup and security of your data so you can fully focused on work with patients to dentistry or working with dentists for dental laboratory. You can also save money, because dentists and / or dental mechanics do not have to buy expensive computers and special maintaince.

Dental Software for dentists

  • Dentist therapist can do teeth marks on the dental formula, which were manipulated. After that filling the act of the performed work
  • Dentist prosthodontist, surgeons and the implantologists can represent choosen construction and describe order for teeth-technical laboratories
  • Dentist orthodontist can represented and describe the selected construction, and save it after that all calculations by BJork, Larry White, McLaughlin
  • Dental mechanic can portray the chosen dentist construction, describe order, fill the act of the performed activity for the dentist

Dental Software for the administrator (office-manager) in dental clinic

  • He will log all the patients at comfortable time for them and for dentists
  • Also informing patients, for example, by phone which added by administrator or dentist

Dental software for financial management of the dental clinic

The financial manager will be able to see the sales and expenses for any period of time, in the context of dentist/dental mechanic depending on the specifics of your accounting dentistry / dental laboratory.

Workflow for dentists and dental mechanics is easy with QStoma

Electronic circulation of documents for dentists and dental mechanics, accounting of everything you do in QStoma is easy. QStoma for dentists and dental laboratories consist intuitive step (wizard) interface as the Microsoft Windows operating system with a classic theme, which is familiar and accustomed for both of us. There are no endless menus with many unnecessary reports and settings, etc. Here is all you need for being successful dentists and dental mechanic. We have created a simple and flexible software, which is close to the dentists lifestyle and dental mechanics, it’s much more effective than traditional dental software.

Millions of people use the Internet every day to make life more comfortable and easy; to stay connected. They are managing bank accounts, buying staffs in Internet shops, hotel reservations, vacation, tickets to foreign countries, etc. Why do not manage your dental/teeth-technical laboratory? Software QStoma — this is all you need — a perfect web-based service designed specifically for your business, a fresh alternative to the traditional software.

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QStoma software was created by experienced professionals in the development of specialized software for manufacturing companies and service in collaboration with experienced dentists and dental mechanics.